Posted by: carboncreditsusa | November 21, 2008

Japanese Company “GenePax” Manufactures Energy-From-Water System That Powers Electric Car


  • WES generates power from water, producing electricity and heat.
  • wes01This safe device can be installed almost anywhere.
  • It can even be installed indoors and underground.

The system uses no fossil fuel or non-fossil energy in the process of producing electricity and heat from water. Because WES is an independent power source that requires no other outside energy sources, it can be installed in a wide range of locations and does not require establishment of infrastructure.

  • 1. WES can be installed in transportations including electric vehicles and ships.
  • 2. WES can be quickly installed in existing buildings and houses.
  • 3. WES can quickly supply power to disaster sites.


  1. I first read about this issue in June 2008. These guys sent shockwaves on the Internet. After getting excited with their piece of innovation, I went on to write two posts on my blog about them. Genepax promised that they were going to make a press conference in Tokyo. I exchanged emails with one of the media people. But up to now, they haven’t showed up in Tokyo. I have been checking Genepax’s site regularly for updates. There has been no recent update. Is this technology real? Why did they go quiet after starting with huge pomp.

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