Posted by: carboncreditsusa | December 10, 2008

“Electric Vehicle” Manufacturer Profile: Phoenix Motorcars (Ontario, CA)


Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Phoenix Motorcars (Ontario, California USA)


A privately held company, based in Ontario, California, is one of the world’s leading developers of zeroemission, all electric vehicles. Utilizing Lithium battery technology, Phoenix Motorcars is the first electric vehicle on the market that can recharge in 10 minutes, drive over 100 miles AND travel at highway speeds.  Phoenix was the first automaker to introduce the all electric sport utility truck in 2006. The lithium battery pack helps eliminate safety concerns and toxic emissions. These vehicles provide customers with a practical,cost-effective, and “green” solution for their fleet needs.

  First automaker to introduce the zero emission, all electric sport utility truck with highway travel capabilityin 2006. Phoenix’s vehicles passed the “five star” crash test safety rating . They have a driving range greater than 100miles and projected EPA rating of 135 mpg. There is little trade-off when it comes to speed and acceleration:Top speed is 95 mph with 0-60 acceleration in 10 seconds.

  Extensive automotive industry experience with a mission to sell best-in-class EV’s to the North Americanand world markets.
 Low risk entry strategy initially targeting the fleet market in California and abroad.
 Battery Agnostic battery technologies that enable the vehicles to be recharged in 10 minutes and drive over100 miles.
 It can carry four people, haul a payload in the back and still maintain freeway speeds.
 Have “five star” crash test rating and provides the convenience of an SUV/SUT.
 Extensive customers list from utilities, cities, counties, ports, airports and others.
 Have more than 600 firm orders from fleets nationally.
 Projected EPA rating of 135 mpg.
 Cost-effective solution for today’s economic realities: Fully charged for around $3. 


  1. how much does it cost???

  2. Am akenyan student with aclub working for maximum fuel economy your suport is noble.

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