Posted by: carboncreditsusa | December 29, 2008

Nissan And NEC Corp. In Joint Venture To Produce Lithium-Ion Batteries For Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

While demand for cars falters around the world, automakers are looking to speed up the roll-out of next-generation vehicles to sharpen their competitive edge.

Japan’s Nissan Motor Co and NEC Corp will invest at least $1.1 billion to make lithium-ion batteries for about 200,000 electric and hybrid cars annually in 2011 or later, the Nikkei business daily said on Monday.

Nissan, NEC and NEC Tokin Corp have a joint venture to start manufacturing lithium-ion batteries from next year. It will have an initial capacity to supply 13,000 units a year, which will be first be used in forklifts.

The companies have said they plan to ramp up annual capacity gradually to supply 65,000 units in 2011 for use in Nissan’s in-house hybrid car and electric vehicles due in 2010.

The venture, Automotive Energy Supply Corp (AESC), is also considering setting up factories in the United States and Europe in a bid to tap low-interest loans offered by local governments for the production of environmentally friendly vehicles, the paper said.

The battery joint venture had said in May it would invest 12 billion yen over three years to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, seen as key to making electric cars practical.

Nissan is developing electric vehicles with French partner Renault SA. A top Renault executive told Reuters in October that the Nissan-NEC venture was considering producing the batteries in France to supply its first electric vehicles.



  1. Lithium battery is the best choice today..hope another technology will develop soon

    Hybrid Car Technology

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