Posted by: carboncreditsusa | January 8, 2009

New York Gov. Paterson Announces Creation Of “New York Energy Policy Institute ” And Initiative On Hybrid Car Production And Research


“…In an effort to make strides in the development of technology for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the governor announced the creation of a consortium on hybrid electric batteries and energy storage technologies…”

During his State of the State speech Wednesday, Governor Paterson announced an initiative on hybrid car production and research.

 Paterson said the key technology needed is a rechargeable electric battery that can drive a car longer distances for less money. He said New York already has the research infrastructure and the manufacturing base to help develop the batteries.

“So the three heads of the automobile companies who’ve finally figured out how to get to Washington in their leer jets may have gone to the wrong place,” said Paterson, “because the roads to economic recovery are I-88, Interstate-90 and the Northway right here in New York State.”

The governor also announced the creation of the New York Energy Policy Institute to coordinate the knowledge base and expertise of the state’s colleges and universities.


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