Posted by: carboncreditsusa | February 20, 2009

Electric Vehicle Update: “Miles Electric Car” Has A Range Of 50 Miles At 50 MPH At Costs As Low As $12,000

mileselectriccarThe Miles electric car runs on batteries, not an engine. Six batteries provide the 72 volts necessary to propel the 2,934-pound automobile for up to 50 miles, depending on how fast you go — it can go as fast as 50 mph.

Turn the key and you are ready to take off — no revving of an engine, no shifting into drive, no sound, no exhaust.

Galen Chadwick of the Well-Fed Neighbor Alliance has brought the compact van to Springfield. He is the local distributor and said he will invest all profits into micro-loans through the alliance.

The all-electric, steel-body car is intended for in-town driving. Next year, California-based Miles Electric Vehicles will release a four-door model that will go up to 75 mph for 120-140 miles, fit for highway driving.

“It’s the car everyone is talking about,” said Ron LaPlant, who sells the car out of Farmington.

Chadwick will have the car on display at the Lawn and Garden Show this week, but Thursday the Oasis Convention Center provided its space to show off the environmentally friendly vehicles.

Tom Bakie of Nixa was there to take a test drive.

“We’ve been looking for an alternative to fuel,” said Bakie, who drives a Daewoo that gets up to 37 mpg. Semi-retired, most of his driving is local, he said, but he would have to keep his gasoline-powered car for long-distance driving.

Powell McHaney of Springfield also took the Miles car for a spin in the parking lot where his Lincoln Navigator was parked.

“I’m interested in anything that gets us off dependence on foreign oil,” said the retiree, who added that his longest trip is five miles across. “It looks to me like this is the answer.”

The car costs as little as $12,000, depending on options, but is eligible for federal tax credits that could take the cost below $10,000. The batteries have a four-year life expectancy and cost about $200 each to replace.

The cars are equipped with radio-CD players and an electric heating system. LaPlant’s son, Tony, has developed a thermo-electric air conditioner that is also available.

A full charge costs about 18 cents, LaPlant said. That’s better than 250 miles per dollar.

Just plug it in to any 110-volt outlet for the fill- up.




  1. Miles Electric Vehicles do not go up to 50 miles per hour. They are rated at and can legally only go 25 mph. As a manufacturer, we limit the vehicle’s speed to 25 mph before they are sold.

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