Posted by: carboncreditsusa | March 7, 2009

Ford Motor CEO Believes Electric Vehicles Will Predominate Auto Fleet Production In 10 Years

The car company is planning an electric commercial van for 2010, an electric sedan for 2011 and a fordelectriccarsplug-in hybrid SUV for 2012. Beyond those plans, Mullaly believes that ten years will bring a substantial improvement in the internal combustion engine and, more importantly, that the focus across all car companies will turn to all-electric vehicles instead of hybrids.

At a recent economic conference, Ford’s CEO Alan Mullaly told reporters “in 10 years, 12 years, you are going to see a major portion of our portfolio move to electric vehicles.”

In the interview he stated that he believes low oil prices are only temporary and that prices will continue to go up over time.

It has taken the big auto companies a while to figure all this out, but I’m glad that they’ve finally come around. Let’s hope this is a sign of a major turn-around for Ford and the rest of the American car makers. I’m looking forward to the future if this is true.



  1. Hi Mr. Mullaly,
    The Electric cars that are coming up , sound great. I too hope this is a sign of a major turn-around for Ford and the rest of the American car makers. I’m looking forward to the future ‘if this is true’. That is the question. Ford Motor Company as a American Car manufacturer has not been very ‘transparent’ in it’s poor industry decisions and recall defects. A consumer would much rather, pay for a $20 part than to have a defective part burn someone to death. We are not talking small issues of the past, like a radio knob falling off, we are talking peoples homes burning down, People/children/pets burning alive for decades and still today there are Vehicles that are NOT on Fords recall list are bursting into flames.
    Please make sure your new electric cars meet all the specifications and do not leak break fluid into the cruise control switch! (SDCS) defect
    I have an idea PRETEND your child or children are going to drive all the vehicles you design and you’ll be fine.
    Paytonsmom RIP rip-off

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